Cold Eyes Project Reviews

Cold Eyes Review

A key service that Process Technical Services provides is a Cold Eyes Review of your project, also known as an Independent Project Review. Our clients have found a qualified independent audit of their project provides a unique perspective from qualified professionals.

An effective and timely Cold Eyes Review is invaluable to project success, providing critical management information and identifying targeted improvement opportunities in time for effective corrective actions.

It is difficult to obtain a qualified, objective assessment of project execution and preparedness for startup. Objectivity is difficult for internal resources, and should be reviewed by experienced, qualified external resources.

PTS is uniquely positioned to meet this need, with proven, experienced practitioners and an established methodology.   PTS resources have extensive familiarity with application of industry best practices and in-depth experience with a broad range of projects. These experts not only identify problems but also provide practical recommendations for corrective measures, and transfer their knowledge via “lessons learned” sharing, training, mentoring and coaching.

Cold Eyes Reviews are an effective tool in managing a Phase Gate Project delivery process, ensuring a project advances to the next phase only if it fully satisfies clearly defined requirements. These reviews become particularly valuable in helping a team prepare for startup, providing a realistic, credible assessment of startup readiness of the organization, the facility, and the work processes and systems.

A typical Cold Eyes Review takes one to three weeks.  PTS experts meet with selected project personnel in a structured process, discussing and reviewing in detail startup staffing, organization, systems, procedures and materials.  Their charter is to provide an accurate evaluation of where the project actually stands, pointing out both positive and negative factors.

The PTS reviewers will identify, in quantifiable dimensions, gaps that must be addressed as well as areas where additional effort is unnecessary. They assist in developing gap closure plans, including recommendations for improving areas that haven’t yet progressed to the necessary completion or quality for startup. These gap closure suggestions are invaluable in putting a project back on course. The Review process can also improve cost and schedule confidence, break down organizational silos, improve communication, and foster buy-in to specific action plans.  PTS will work with your organization to customize the process to your unique situation, scheduling it to optimize benefits and minimize impact on startup team activities.