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Vendor Inspection

Vendor Inspection is a critical element in any precommissioning plans.  During the design phase of a project, specifications for each and every piece of equipment to be installed in the new plant are developed.  These specifications are spelled out in detail in the request for bids from the contractor that will manage, purchase, and install of the equipment. Process Technical Services has performed vendor inspections in many countries.

Vendor Inspection is a key element in quality assurance (QA), which is the process of developing work quality measurements, and performing those measurements effectively so that they provide confidence that a product or service will satisfy its quality requirements.

Equipment that will be assembled will consist of both standard and custom designed and fabricated elements.  The smaller equipment, such as valves, pumps, instrumentation, etc. are usually inspected on arrival at the construction site to insure that they meet the design specifications.  Control valves can sometimes be a problem because of their complexity and sometimes the failure on the part of the purchasing department to always enforce design specifications when seeking bids.  Normally, these items can be returned to the vendor if they do not meet the design requirements because they are small and essentially standard, off-the-shelf items.

Specially designed and fabricated equipment or large “standard” pieces of equipment require on-site inspection of the equipment during fabrication and before shipment to the buyer’s site.  Once it is certified by personnel conducting the vendor inspection and shipped to the construction site, it belongs to the buyer regardless of any mistakes that may have been made during fabrication.  Failure to catch errors at the vendor’s site can create serious problems with completing the project on time and within budget.  It may result in a prolonged delay while modifications or repairs are made on the equipment at the construction site.

Vendor inspections at the vendors manufacturing site are designed to verify that equipment is being built strictly to the design specifications.  One aspect of the inspector’s job is to verify that there have been no changes made by the design division since the specifications were supplied to the vendor.  If there have been changes, then the inspector needs to be sure that the equipment vendor received those changes and has included them in the equipment.

Variances discovered by the inspector need to be documented and both the vendor and the customer notified.  Whenever the customer and vendor resolve the defects the inspector will then have to verify that the changes have been incorporated into the equipment being built.

Process Technical Services has qualified and experienced personnel that can perform a vendor inspection at any of the locations where equipment is being manufactured for the customer.  This can be accomplished in almost any country where equipment is being manufactured for the buyer..  Whenever the manufacturer is located in a foreign country then it is imperative that the equipment undergo a vendor inspection before being shipped.