Industry Leading Services and Expertise.

Process Technical Services (PTS) is a leading worldwide provider of process plant operations services, including: training, precommissioning, commissioning, startup, operations support, project support services, control system services, cold eyes review, QA/QC inspection, procedure writing, shutdown/turnaround execution and management, experienced personnel staffing to complement your projects, and team, and more.

Founded in 1987, PTS is a veteran in process plant operations services and has earned a reputation as a trusted provider through a proven track record of unmatched delivery and performance standards. Our management team has 250+ years of combined experience in providing technical and professional support. We are a longstanding resource in process plant operations that is consistently ahead of the curve with industry knowledge and best practices. Our high-level expertise and proven methodologies benefit the bottom lines of our clients via project efficiency, safety, process effectiveness, timelines, staff training and responsibility execution, as well as overall project costs. Partnering with us for all your project management needs offers companies processes and expert staff resulting in accurate and efficient execution, reduced project spend, and on time startups. Our company prides itself on our integrity, honesty, and follow-through; we believe that a company is only as good as its word, and we deliver what we promise.

We are dedicated to providing highly qualified services and specialists for both domestic and international projects. We offer services for petrochemical, chemical, refining, oil and gas exploration,  gas processing, LNG, gas to liquids (GTL), metals and minerals, food, pharmaceutical, pulp and wood processing, paper manufacturing, hazardous waste, fertilizer, bio-diesel refining, storage depots, incineration, and power industries worldwide. PTS’ highly skilled professionals provide both expertise and proven methodologies to the client. Our experts include engineers, managers, supervisors, advisers, operators, mechanical and IE&C technicians for all areas of plant operations and startups, including:

  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Instrument, Electrical
    and Control Systems
  • Training
  • Safety
  • Engineering
  • Laboratory
  • Environmental
  • Warehouse

Vision and Mission Statement

Process Technical Services (PTS) was founded with a vision to become a client-centric technical services provider with a concerted focus to merge proven methodology and highly experienced personnel. With an objective to provide service excellence and become an expert technical services resource, PTS began implementing methodologies for process plant facilities, and transferring experienced technical applications to client personnel. Concurrently, PTS extended even greater knowledge to plant professionals by presenting the “Process Plant Startup Seminar,” which outlines a pathway to successful project execution, and is still presented to date.

PTS believes that service is an equal part to success and that a technical service provider should be measured by client results. This belief has proven effective as PTS has evolved into a worldwide leader of technical services, with a proven track record of client success and safety, and client retention of some of the largest companies globally. Throughout the years, PTS has proven that the business foundation, paired with a commitment to excellence, leads to unmatched delivery and performance standards for our clients.

With nearly 35 years in business, PTS is an industry veteran and trusted plant operations provider, and the company vision is to continue providing high-level expert services and resources that companies worldwide can depend on for results and service excellence.