Control System Services

Top-Notch Control System Services

Process Technical Services has prided itself, since our inception, in providing top-notch, highly experienced IE&C and, in more recent years, CSE Specialists. Our specialists will work with you to help design, prepare, develop, commission, startup, troubleshoot and operate your plant’s control systems. We will ensure that your facility’s control system fulfills needed requirements, is in compliance, and is inspected for quality control and quality assurance, while meeting targeted timelines and budgets.

Our control systems services include:

  • Control System Design Support
  • Control System Precommissioning
  • Loop Function Testing
  • Instrument Function Testing
  • P&ID Walk Down and Verification
  • Control System Vendor Surveillance and Inspection
  • Construction QA/QC
  • Control System QA/QC
  • Turnaround Support
  • Bench Testing
  • Control System Commissioning
  • Startup Checkout and Support