Complete Start-Up Services

Process Technical Services offers a wide variety of support options during the startup phase, from supplying one to two, highly experienced consultants, to staffing the entire operations team, managing and executing the startup from initial startup through stabilization, and beyond. At any point during this phase, PTS can transition the plant to owner control, by providing whatever level of training and turnover needed by the owners’ operations team, or continue to operate the facility as long as required.

PTS has supplied startup expertise to multiple large and small projects, many where the owner was unable to locate the proper talent and experience to properly staff the plant. We have successfully started up brand new facilities, as well as those which have experienced prior, failed attempts at coming online. Our specialists typically have over 35 years of relevant experience, have participated in numerous startups using many different types of control setups and can provide a level of knowledge which is not present on most startups.

PTS also provides procedure writers who can develop the entire suite of initial startup procedures, which pick up at the end of commissioning, and carry the facility through startup and stabilization.

Our startup services include:

  • Startup Consultanting and/or Leadership
  • Startup team staffing
  • Initial systems preparation
  • Pre-Startup-Safety Review (PSSR)
  • Introduction of hydrocarbons
  • Introduction of feedstock
  • Initial operations